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Nanjing Hongxin Mansion Gate, Nanjing China

Nanjing Hongxin Mansion Gate, Nanjing China.
Joint Highly Commended in GRC Awards 2023.
Category 1: Best use of GRC in a new build project with Classical Architectural Design.

The Nanjing Hongxin Mansion is located at No. 18 Yulan Road, Baohua East, Xianlin, adjacent to the National 4A Baohua Mountain Forest Park to the east. Hongxin Mansion has pioneered the concept of Chinese style courtyard villas, inheriting and integrating the essence of Chinese architecture, with an elegant and beautiful appearance. In terms of landscape design, the concept of modern ecological civilization is adopted to showcase traditional Chinese gardens, create innovative Chinese ecological gardens, and create a Chinese ecological garden villa area that blends gardens and villas.

The Hongxin Mansion Gate takes the door as the core element and the courtyard as an important feature. From mountains, rivers, and rivers to the depths of clouds, the Hongxin Mansion Gate shares the same roots and origins as top villas, and the exquisite temperament is inherited in one continuous line.

Customer Name:       Jiangsu Ruijia Real Estate Co., Ltd
GRC Manufacturer:  Tongchuang (Shanghai) New Materials Technology Corp.

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