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Ekmansgatan 5, Lorensberg / Göteborg, Sweden

GRC from GRCA Full Member BB fiberbeton was used to pay homage to this project's historical surroundings and the classical architectural style

Initially sparking debate in architectural circles in Sweden, the project strived to pay homage to both its historical surroundings and the classical architectural style – using modern construction methods and materials.

GRCA Full Member - BB fiberbeton A/S had early contact with the client and architect regarding the project, advising about the possibilities of GRC. Their GRC elements were chosen for the Ionic capitals and pediments as well as the parapets, eaves, mural crown, and the corner elements with spheres adorning the façade. A total of approximately 260 m2 GRC.

Albert Svensson drew all the intricate detail work, but only draws by hand. All drawings needed to be digitized by Inobi Architecture. This created some initial difficulties as several interpretations of the detail work existed, with varying
opinions on which were correct.

Most moulds were hand-crafted in-house, while more intricate moulds were CNC milled with help from Broby Modelindustri AB. BB Fiberbeton used every single one of their moulding techniques for this particular project, drawing on their team’s huge expertise to ensure the production of high-quality elements with the bespoke colour and finish chosen by the architect.

The project has won awards for its dedication to the classical style while using modern materials, such as GRC:

  • “Best Residential Project 10-19 units” at “European Property Awards”, November 2022
  • “Best International Housing Project” in its category, “International Property, Awards”, February 2023

GRC Manufacturer: GRCA Full Member - BB fiberbeton A/S
Client:              TB-Gruppen
Contractor:      RK Natursten and Tuve Bygg
Architect:         Albert Svensson in collaboration with Inobi
GRC Material: Grade 18P, Sprayed GRC

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