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Main Office:
Hjørnegårdsvej 10

GRC Manufacturing Plant, annually independently assessed as compliant with GRCA requirements:
Hjørnegårdsvej 10

Mr. Nikolaj Aalund Brandt

+45 56 16 80 08

BB fiberbeton AS

BB fiberbeton AS, est. 1984, is one of the leading manufacturers of GRC with more than 80 employees. BB fiberbeton is specialized in production-to-order and elements custom designed for the job.

Administration and production is located near Copenhagen, Denmark, with a capacity of more than 80.000 m2 GRC per year and 100% self-sufficiency for moulds.


Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) is concrete for a new era. It is a hard material with a dense surface and extreme durability of more than 100 years. Danish, eco-friendly and sustainable production with low energy consumption and without any toxic materials.


Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) is sprayed into molds and formed into elements of often 12 mm thickness. The thin-shell elements
are lightweight and therefore reduce both sub-constructions, load on buildings, and CO2 emissions during transport. GRC is easy and simple to handle and install.


Glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) is becoming more and more popular among architects as it gives great design freedom and thus help challenge the boundaries of architecture. With GRC, ideas can be shaped in sizes and geometry. GRC can take any form, and appearance of surface can be detailed for both new buildings and renovations.

BB fiberbeton focuses on facades, balcony bases and -parapets, cornices, parapets and sills.
We would love to advise you on your project! We speak English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch.

BB fiberbeton AS

BB fiberbeton brochures are available at:

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