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Dongguan City Women and Children Activity Center, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Dongguan City Women and Children Activity Center, Dongguan, Guangdong, China, with GRC by Guangxi QingLong.
Joint Highly Commended in GRC Awards 2023.
Category 7: GRC2023 Congress Choice

This project is a key municipal public building project in Dongguan City, which took 6 years to complete and went through more than 10 architectural proposals before and after the completion of the foundation construction, the project was suspended because the new owner did not like the original building elevation design, and was finally redesigned by architect Fu Li.

The designer took inspiration from Dongguan intangible cultural heritage "Guan Cao", which is an intangible cultural heritage of Guangdong Province, with a history of more than 2,000 years and was one of the three treasures of Dongguan, with its strong local attributes.  Through abstract refinement, the designer uses the super plasticity of GRC material to create a woven skin, forming a new "coat" for the theater, with gradual rhythmic window holes, reflecting the vitality and vigor of children's interest.  The towers and podiums are curved to express the softness and gentleness of women.  During the whole project construction process, the project management team strictly managed the project according to the benchmark project, making the project a "high aesthetic value" project in the region.

1: Established a team of senior designers, including 3D modeling, structural design, glass curtain wall, and parametric modeling control, to optimize the design scheme, including the building shape, elevation segmentation, curve radius, and edge angles, to achieve the best visual effect.

2: The building shape is a double curved, with true and false seams in the joint lines, all of which are curved and oblique lines, making production and installation extremely difficult.  The products require clear edge angles, accurate dimensions, and perfect installation to achieve a perfect effect.

3: There are many panels, and each product is different, which poses great difficulties for production, packaging, transportation, and installation.

4: The angular lines need to be matched up and down, and the splicing joints should be natural and smooth, with perfect curvature, which puts forward new requirements for installation and positioning.

5: Accuracy control of the mold, mold processing using 1:1 mold release, in order to ensure the angularity of the rhombus and accurate size, the prototype is first carved out in 3D, and then turned FRP mold after finishing.

6: Product detail control, this project has many small panels with an area of less than 1 square meter in this project.  Due to their low height, the sharp angles on both sides are less than 15 degrees, which is quite a challenge for production, demolding, product stacking and transportation.

7: Production process management: This project involves 2766 products.  How to ensure the orderly numbering, stacking, packaging, and shipment of the products while ensuring the product quality is a big challenge for the production process management.

8: Control of installation accuracy: Total station instrumentation is used for the whole process of positioning and installation, post-embedding plate positioning, and laser level check keel vertical straightness.

GRC Manufacturer:   GRCA Full Member – Guangxi QingLong Chemical Building Materials Co Ltd
Owner:                      Dongguan Urban Development Bureau
Contractor:                ZhongYe Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Design Firm:             Hunan Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.
GRC Material:           6000m2 GRC

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