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Beijing Song Art Museum, Beijing, China

The Song Art Museum, located on the banks of the Wenyu River in Shunyi District, Beijing, is a private art museum with decorative GRC from GRCA Full Member Tongchuang

The Song Art Museum is located on the banks of the Wenyu River in Shunyi District, Beijing. It is a private art museum with international perspectives and standards, founded by Mr. Wang Zhongjun, a contemporary artist, art collector, and founder and chairman of Huayi Brothers.  The predecessor of the Song Art Museum was the racetrack, which was transformed into an art museum through the "renovation of old houses".

The GRC decorative concrete slab used in this project eliminates decoration such as coatings and finishes, which is beneficial for environmental protection and saves time and costs. GRC decorative concrete buildings are green buildings, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, which can maximize resource conservation, protect the environment, reduce pollution, and provide people with healthy, practical, and efficient usage space. The decorative concrete slab produced by Concrete Creative has a maximum plate size of over 10 meters, ensuring that there are no transverse joints on the facade and the surface is pure white, echoing the designer's simple design philosophy.

GRC Manufacturer: GRCA Full Member - Tongchuang (Shanghai) New Material Technology Corp.
Client:                      Shanghai Zhuzhou Space Design Consulting Co., Ltd
GRC Material:          Pure white water surface effect GRC

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