Utilities Using GRC


Opportunities to take advantages of GRC’s inherent durability in the utility industries abound. GRC provides protection against both man-made and natural environmental hazards.

In the railway industries, GRC ducts run alongside the lines to protect both electrical and communication cables. Railway engineers internationally appreciate the advantages of lightweight, high-strength units that can be installed many times faster than the traditional concrete equivalents.

GRC not only offers functional solutions in such applications; it also provides designers with the opportunity to enhance the environment. Many producers offer a wide range of finishes from natural texture to imitation stone.

  • GRC is durable
  • GRC provides a high level of protection
  • GRC products are lightweight
  • GRC is environmentally friendly

Key Features of Utilities

GRC is durable.

GRC provides a high level of protection.

GRC products are lightweight.

GRC is environmentally friendly.

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