Roofing with GFRC Concrete


GRC is an ideal material to use on a variety of roofing structures. It is lightweight but tough, easy to fix and unaffected by environmental conditions.

It can imitate traditional roofing materials such as slate, natural stone or clay products but unlike these materials it is neither heavy nor brittle.

GRC can be moulded into complex shapes for roofing accessories such as finials, ridges and chimneys. It is non-combustible with a high impact strength and can be used on all types of roof. Corrugated GRC sheets, used for industrial and agricultural roofing, are manufactured by automated processes, offering strength and impact performance benefits.

  • GRC is impact resistant
  • GRC can reproduce colours and finishes
  • GRC roofing products are lightweight
  • GRC has excellent durability

Key Features of Roofing

GRC is impact resistant.

GRC can reproduce colour and finish.

GRC products are lightweight.

GRC has excellent durability.

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