GRC in Foundations & Floors

Foundations & Floors

GRC can provide practical solutions in the construction of foundations and floors. As permanent formwork under suspended, in-situ concrete floors it can give economic benefits together with excellent appearance.

In balcony slab construction, GRC can provide a pre-finished moulded edge while simplifying construction. On ground floor concrete slabs, insulated GRC edge formwork can help in minimising heat loss from the building in cold climates. Similarly, in wall construction insulated GRC base course and sill units can be incorporated, which contribute to the overall wall insulation performance.

On the construction site, forms of glassfibre-modified concrete can be used in floor screeding, both in relatively thick concrete screeds and in thin self-levelling overlays.

  • GRC permanent formwork protects concrete
  • GRC floor screeds and overlays offer improved crack resistance over traditional finishes
  • GRC insulated products improve thermal protection
  • GRC improves concrete durability

Key Features of Foundations & Floors

GRC permanent formwork protects concrete.

GRC floor screeds and overlays offer improved crack resistance over traditional finishes.

GRC insulated products improve thermal protection.

GRC improves concrete durability.

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