Features & Mouldings

Features & Mouldings

TGRC products are formed by a variety of manufacturing techniques. One of the most versatile is to cast the composite in moulds manufactured from rubber, timber or Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP/FRP).

This is known as Premix GRC. As the high-performance alkali resistant glass fibres are evenly distributed in the mix, the material is reinforced throughout, enabling products with the finest of details to be created.

GRC is used to produce beautiful architectural mouldings and features. Whilst often cast with thicknesses in excess of 25 mm these products remain easy to handle and erect, and permit the architect or engineer an unrivalled freedom for creative design. GRC does not suffer from corrosion of the reinforcement. Unlike traditional concrete, GRC does not require a minimum of concrete cover to the reinforcement.

Key Features of Features & Mouldings

GRC can be cast into fine details.

GRC offers designers unrivalled flexibility.

GRC mouldings and features are easy to handle and erect.

GRC does not suffer from corrosion.

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