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Skonto Concrete Cladding

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Sprayed GRC Manufacturer

Main Office:
Melngaila Street 1?

GRC Manufacturing Plant, annually independently assessed as compliant with GRCA requirements:
Langervaldes Street 2
Cenu Parish
Ozolnieku District

Sandra Guzlena

+44 (0)7712 623041
+371 26637211

Innovation driven GRC cladding production.

Skonto Concrete Cladding Ltd is one of the major GRC product producers in Eastern Europe. Skonto are one of the most reliable glass reinforced concrete panel suppliers for UK developers, constantly improving their products and increasing production capacity both due to production innovation and gained knowledge as developers, general contractors and façade contractors. Skonto understand their client requirements and live up to their expectations.

Just as property developers and architects are demanding custom-designed architectural cladding products in complex shapes, texture and colouring, and just as customers are seeking unique architecture, Skonto's knowhow and production centre with on-site engineers and technical designers delivers both superb looking facade elements and integrated mounting solutions. They take pride in being innovative in both product quality and structural engineering. Behind the scenes mounting design and worry-free packaging ensures close to zero transportation damages and easy on-site assembly.

Skonto Group

Skonto Concrete Cladding is part of Skonto Group, the leading construction group in the Baltics providing turnkey solutions for your construction and development demands all around the world – public, residential and infrastructure buildings.

Certified Professionals

Skonto Concrete Cladding's operations are certified in accordance with international ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 18001. They are proud Full Members of The International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA) and consistently design and manufacture high quality GRC, contributing to both technology and architecture.

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