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Sky Park, Bratislava, Slovakia

GRC from GRCA Full Member BB fiberbeton is used as the exoskeleton.

GRC is used as the exoskeleton to create the unique design of the 3 residential towers.

Very complex geometry and architectural demands made GRC a great choice for the project.

GRC elements are produced by GRCA Full Member BB fiberbeton A/S, and utilizes the stud-frame system for handling and mounting.

Stud-frame construction is often overlooked when producing and installing glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC), despite offering a superior solution. GRC with embedded stud-frame construction offers savings in both substructure costs and a heavily reduced mounting time.

GRC colour is white BBf no.68.

Client:                              Penta Real Estate
Architect:                         Zaha Hadid Architects
Installer and contractor:  IngSteel
Producer of GRC:           BB fiberbeton A/S
Construction completed: 2020

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Sky Park, Bratislava, Slovakia

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