CE Marking

CE Marking of GRC/GFRC

A CE Mark is a logo and Declaration of Conformity which is affixed by a manufacturer to a product to indicate that the product conforms to certain safety requirements in the Building Regulations in the country where the products are intended to be used.

CE marking is now mandatory in Europe for certain construction products which are covered by harmonised European Standards (hEN), where the Annex Z of the relevant harmonised European Standard (hEN) details the specific requirements for CE marking.

It is illegal to CE Mark a product where the requirements are not detailed in an Annex Z of a harmonised European Standard (hEN).

As far as the International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA) is aware, there is no harmonised European Standard (hEN) for any GRC/GFRC products, and in fact no European Standard for GRC/GFRC products, other that the GRCA’s own requirements which you cannot CE Mark against.
As a consequence:
 it is currently not possible to CE mark a product made from GRC/GFRC.

The only other possible way to be able to CE Mark GRC/GFRC products in the future would be to go down the European Assessment Document (EAD) / European Technical Assessment (ETA) route, where a type approval document would need to be produced for each GRC/GFRC product. The type approval documents would then need to be submitted to the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) and assessed and approved by them. The GRC/GFRC products would also need to be assessed by EOTA against the approved type approval documents.

Type approval documents would normally be required for each distinct product, and it is not usually possible to produce a single type approval document which would cover all generic GRC/GFRC material.

The type approval document route to CE Marking is an expensive process and is likely to take many years before a document could be approved, which a product could be CE Marked against, with no guarantee that the document would be approved at the end of the process.

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